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    Only until December 23rd, all Goody gift vouchers come with an additional 10% bonus value.

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    Sunglasses, jewelry, gadgets, fashion below $10 USD.


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    With prices of at most $10 USD per Goody, you will always get a great deal on Goody.

    Hand-Picked Quality Products

    The Goody Quality Team carefully curates and selects only the products that satisfy our customers' high expectation of quality. Earrings for example, are available for any occasion.

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    Goody is best enjoyed with your friends. By simply inviting your friends to join Goody, you and your friend can each receive a free Goody.

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    All goodies are below $10 USD and curated by quality.


    FREE Worldwide Shipping with every purchase.

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    You can get goodys for free, incl. free shipping. Simply download Goody, invite a friend and once your friend buys a Goody, both you and your friend receive a Freebie.


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    About Your Order

    To get support about a particular order, please go into the Goody app and open your Order History. Now select the order you'd like to inquire about and hit the top right "Contact Support" button. Please explain your question and one of our Goody Happiness Officers will reply to you as soon as possible.

    Track Your Order

    Each Goody order's current shipment status can be easily tracked. Open the Goody app and go into your Order History. Now select an order and tap on the tracking number. The Goody order tracking website will open with the details about your order. If you know the shipment tracking number (not the order ID), you can look up your tracking information on our Goody tracking website: http://track.thegoodyshop.com/

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